BRAV@T Sportswear was born out of the passion and determination of its CEO, Malena Cayo.

As a Club Tennis Captain, Malena developed unique leadership skills that she applied to her Event Planning business in Lima, Peru. The conviction she has in her management skills, made her replicate that success in a whole new world for her and her family, in the United States.

When her business and tennis partner moved from Houston, Malena decided to keep the startup business running. Her commitment to quality defines her mission to provide leisure and comfort to her customers, creating excellent products that she can proudly wear, as the sportswoman she is.

We, at BRAV@T, believe that everyone has the potential to be brave and push their limits.

Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we serve people from all walks of life; whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your wellness journey, we are here to empower and inspire you in your quest to achieve greatness.